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Multigrade S.A.E.15W50 / 20W50. I use Castrol GTX.

There is no filter so ideally change every 3000 miles.

A thinner oil is specified for cold climates S.A.E.10W30.


S.A.E. 90 E.P. Approx. 3 litres.

There are level and drain plugs, with a large filler cap.

Do keep it changed (say 12000 miles) and checked regularly.

Do not overrev esp in 2nd. it is possible to break the box. I have used an anti-wear additive in mine.

Water pump.

Use 3 in one or similar in the little lift up cap on top regularly (before long journeys).

Wipe up excess as it can rot the small seal immediately below the pump.

Grease Points.

Upper & lower swiveljoints. Track rod ends. Driveshafts (or not depending on model) I suggest every 3000 miles.

Maybe inner wishbone pivot also.